The Differences Between Vented and Vent Free Fireplaces

The Differences Between Vented and Vent Free Fireplaces

What Are Vent Free Fireplaces?

A vent free fireplace doesn’t utilize any flues or chimneys in its design. Instead, it’s a Firebox designed specifically to efficiently that burns, trapping the heat inside the house without allowing it to escape through a flue. The benefit of of a vent free fireplace is the location. As long as you can get a gas line and electric, they can be installed in most rooms larger then 250 SF. These fireplaces look and act in much the same way as vented fireplaces. However, vent free fireplaces are in essence, easier installation. typically cheaper and more energy efficient than their vented counterparts.

But one safety precaution homeowners need to take is being mindful of the carbon monoxide levels in the home. While vent free fireplaces don’t release nearly as many chemicals as vented ones, they still produce small amounts. Homeowners need to ensure proper ventilation throughout the home and use the fireplace as intended by the manufacturer, never keeping it on longer than the design allows.

The Most Convenient for Your Home

Homeowners need to know the differences between vented and vent free fireplaces, as one may not necessarily fulfill an individual’s needs. For more practical heating in the home, many people choose vent free Monessen fireplace systems. These create warm and cozy atmospheres. Others may find more use out of traditional vented fireplaces, as the flames may look more natural and fit with a home’s aesthetic. Be aware of your decorative and practical needs.

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